The Hero of The Counterfeit Tory

I like a hero who’s solid and honorable but—not too perfect. Guys who definitely talk and act like guys, not some version of what we women sometimes wish they were. I’m not sure how successfully I accomplish that, but … 🙂 After five long years of war, Jedidiah (“Jed”) Wheeler is not just older butContinue reading “The Hero of The Counterfeit Tory”

Periwinkle in the Park – the History

One could say the history of my little tale stems from one of the greatest love stories of all time. No, not a romantic love, although a bit of romanticism comes into play. But rather love of nature, a love that goes deep into the appreciation of God’s creation. Periwinkle in the Park, part of theContinue reading “Periwinkle in the Park – the History”

A Song for Rose – the History

Hi everyone. I’m Suzanne Norquist, author of A Song for Rose in the Bouquet of Brides collection. If you haven’t heard of me, it’s because I’m a new author. I’m honored to be in a collection with so many talented multi-published authors. I love historical fiction. It takes me to a time without computers andContinue reading “A Song for Rose – the History”

A Prickly Affair – the History & a Giveaway

Donna Schlachter is one of my co-authors in the Bouquet of Brides. Like all the rest of us, she did her research to make sure her story was historically accurate.   When I decided on the time period for my Bouquet of Brides story, “A Prickly Affair”, I wanted to keep it close to my favorite time,Continue reading “A Prickly Affair – the History & a Giveaway”

Paula Moldenhauer – A Packaged Deal

Paula is back today to tell us about her new release, A Packaged Deal. Welcome back, Paula! Give us a brief summary of the book. A Packaged Deal is the first book in my new Towering Pines contemporary romance series. Here’s the back cover copy: Snuggle next to a fireplace in Towering Pines, the Colorado skiContinue reading “Paula Moldenhauer – A Packaged Deal”

Author Chat with Paula Moldenhauer

Thank you for coming on the blog today, Paula. Many people know you because of the non-fiction books, devotionals, and articles you’ve written. Your last book, Soul Scents: Flourish, was a deep journey out of emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse. Tinseled Tidings is a collection of light, inspirational romance. How do you reconcile such differentContinue reading “Author Chat with Paula Moldenhauer”