At Home with Daffodils – the History & a Giveway

When I originally proposed At Home with Daffodils, my story in A Bouquet of Brides, I wanted the story set in 1895 in northeastern Oklahoma. When the novella was picked up by Barbour, and I began my research in earnest, I requested permission to move the historical timeline to after Oklahoma’s statehood, which happened onContinue reading “At Home with Daffodils – the History & a Giveway”

Paula Moldenhauer – A Packaged Deal

Paula is back today to tell us about her new release, A Packaged Deal. Welcome back, Paula! Give us a brief summary of the book. A Packaged Deal is the first book in my new Towering Pines contemporary romance series. Here’s the back cover copy: Snuggle next to a fireplace in Towering Pines, the Colorado skiContinue reading “Paula Moldenhauer – A Packaged Deal”

Author Chat with Paula Moldenhauer

Thank you for coming on the blog today, Paula. Many people know you because of the non-fiction books, devotionals, and articles you’ve written. Your last book, Soul Scents: Flourish, was a deep journey out of emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse. Tinseled Tidings is a collection of light, inspirational romance. How do you reconcile such differentContinue reading “Author Chat with Paula Moldenhauer”