A Prickly Affair – the History & a Giveaway

Donna Schlachter is one of my co-authors in the Bouquet of Brides. Like all the rest of us, she did her research to make sure her story was historically accurate.   When I decided on the time period for my Bouquet of Brides story, “A Prickly Affair”, I wanted to keep it close to my favorite time,Continue reading “A Prickly Affair – the History & a Giveaway”

The Pony Express … and TV Guide

To celebrate the release of The Pony Express Romance Collection, we’re highlighting the date the first Pony Express run began — April 3rd — and looking at other dates in history to see what happened. On April 3rd, 1953, the “TV Guide” was first published. During the 1940s, TV Guide magazine was comprised of threeContinue reading “The Pony Express … and TV Guide”