The Hero of Shenandoah Hearts

Jacob Owens, the hero of Shenandoah Hearts, is a prosperous merchant, owning and running a Philadelphia shop. He’s had the wonderful ladysmith, Madga Sehler, working with his family for years. But the Sehler family is relocating to the Shenandoah region of what is today Virginia. This backcountry area was dangerous. Beautiful but dangerous. Far fromContinue reading “The Hero of Shenandoah Hearts”

The Hero of Love’s Undoing

My story, Love’s Undoing, begins in what would one day become central Minnesota on the banks of the Upper Mississippi River in 1792 at a Scottish fur post. Abi is the daughter of a Scottish fur trader and an Indian mother. Henry is the second son of an English earl and has come to Montreal toContinue reading “The Hero of Love’s Undoing”

Heart of Nantahala’s Hero – The Man with a Plan

Joseph Gregory is the hero in my novella, Heart of Nantahala, one of the stories in the Backcountry Brides Collection. He is a natural born leader. At age ten and eight, Joseph left the family farm and traveled from one lumber mill to the next, learning the business and acquiring valuable skills until he hadContinue reading “Heart of Nantahala’s Hero – The Man with a Plan”

The Hero of A Heart so Tender

A Heart so Tender is part of The Backcountry Brides Collection which released on May 1st. Lieutenant Archibald Waters, of the 60th Regiment of Foot, ‘the Royal Americans’, does not want to be at Fort Niagara. Even more so when the great Sir William Johnson, Indian Agent for the Crown, and respected for his braveryContinue reading “The Hero of A Heart so Tender”

A Hero to Match the Heroine of Across Three Autumns

When you have a heroine patterned after a tall, red-haired, crack shot, Revolutionary War legend who earned the name “War Woman” from the local Indians, the need for a strong hero passes as an understatement. Jenny White had given up on love because she considered herself not attractive and feminine enough. She needed a manContinue reading “A Hero to Match the Heroine of Across Three Autumns”

The Hero of Her Redcoat – Henry Bedlow

After I picked Fort Michilimackinac for my story’s setting, I decided my hero should be a British soldier. But what kind of British soldier would be a good hero for my story, since the British lost the battle? I decided on a reluctant soldier, one who had been forced into the army. Henry Bedlow isContinue reading “The Hero of Her Redcoat – Henry Bedlow”

The Hero of The Counterfeit Tory

I like a hero who’s solid and honorable but—not too perfect. Guys who definitely talk and act like guys, not some version of what we women sometimes wish they were. I’m not sure how successfully I accomplish that, but … 🙂 After five long years of war, Jedidiah (“Jed”) Wheeler is not just older butContinue reading “The Hero of The Counterfeit Tory”