You’re the Cream in My Coffee

You’re the Cream in My Coffee by Jennifer Lamont Leo My rating: 5 of 5 stars What a fun story! It’s not a traditional boy-meets-girl romance. I haven’t read many stories set in the flapper era, but I really enjoyed this. The writing is fresh and the characters are likable. I’m looking forward to JenniferContinue reading “You’re the Cream in My Coffee”

Too Deep for Words

Too Deep for Words by Andrea Boeshaar My rating: 5 of 5 stars Too Deep for Words is a continuation of A Thousand Shall Fall. The story picks up just days after the end of the first book, so I highly recommend reading these in order. Carrie Ann Collier has matured in this second book. WeContinue reading “Too Deep for Words”

A Moonbow Night

A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz My rating: 5 of 5 stars What can I say? Laura Frantz hits another one out of the park. Why do I love Laura’s books? Her characters are fresh, interesting, non-stereotypical, likable, and completely believable. They aren’t perfect, they aren’t two-dimensional, they are deep, rounded, and fascinating. Her settingsContinue reading “A Moonbow Night”

The Pony Express – and Jesse James

To celebrate the release of The Pony Express Romance Collection, we’re highlighting the date the first Pony Express run began –April 3rd – and looking at other dates in history to see what happened. Now Jesse James doesn’t play a role in my story, Her Lonely Heart, but there are outlaws and shooting, not toContinue reading “The Pony Express – and Jesse James”

A Heart Set Free

A Heart Set Free by Janet S. Grunst My rating: 5 of 5 stars A lovely tale set in Colonial America. Heather Douglas sells herself into indentured servitude to pay for her crossing from Scotland to the British Colonies in America. She’s running from her past and will do anything to start over somewhere else.Continue reading “A Heart Set Free”

The Pony Express – and WWII

  April 3, 1942, was a day that actually impacted my family—at least indirectly. This was the day the Japanese began their all-out assault on U.S. and Filipino troops at Bataan, not far from where my father was stationed in the Philippines on the island of Corregidor. Most people recall the Japanese bombing at PearlContinue reading “The Pony Express – and WWII”

The Pony Express – and One Noisy Day

On April 3, 1860, a wiry fellow working for Russell, Majors, and Waddell, jumped on a horse in St. Joseph Missouri and with a whoop and a holler carried a mail pouch east. Cheers erupted from a crowd of spectators. Ten days later that mail reached San Francisco, and thus the Pony Express rode intoContinue reading “The Pony Express – and One Noisy Day”

The Pony Express – and Coffee

The first run of the Pony Express took place on April 3, 1860. So in celebration of the release of The Pony Express Romance Collection, the nine authors are having a bit of fun with “On This Date In History. . .” blog posts. On April 3, 1829, James Carrington obtained a patent for aContinue reading “The Pony Express – and Coffee”

The Pony Express – In the Beginning

RIDER COMING IN!!! By Mary Davis On April 3, 1860, two horseback riders raced across the West, one westbound from St. Joseph, Missouri and the other eastbound from Sacramento, California. And the PONY EXPRESS was born, filling a much-needed gap until the telegraph line could be completed. The telegraph was finished on October 24, 1861,Continue reading “The Pony Express – In the Beginning”

The Pony Express – and Norman Rockwell

April 3, 1993:  Norman Rockwell Museum opens at its new site in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Art has been a part of civilization for thousands of years if cave drawings are any indication. And, like other cultural elements such as music and dance, art has developed over the centuries. One of the favorite American artists was NormanContinue reading “The Pony Express – and Norman Rockwell”