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A Musket in My Hands

A Musket in My Hands (Civil War Romance Series Book 3)A Musket in My Hands by Sandra Merville Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A unique look at the War of Northern Aggression from the standpoint of a pair of southern sisters left in destitute circumstances. With dismal prospects – and limited food – they set out to disguise themselves as soldiers and join the Confederate Army and the two men who hold their hearts. Any notion that they’ll be safe there is quickly squashed as they march their way toward Franklin, Tennessee.

Wonderfully detailed history that adds to the story without distracting the reader, an interesting and often overlooked sector of the population during this war, and a heart-warming love story all rolled into one.

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A Stranger On My Land

A Stranger on My LandA Stranger on My Land by Sandra Merville Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A sweet novella set during the Civil War. It’s not about the battles or the issues of the times, it’s about a young girl and a wounded soldier. It’s about having the pluck to see beyond the stereotypes to the person. It’s about facing danger and sacrificing for someone else. It’s about the human experience during what can be inhuman times. Well worth reading when you need something uplifting and not too long.


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A Rebel in My House

A Rebel in My House - Civil War Romance SeriesA Rebel in My House – Civil War Romance Series by Sandra Merville Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Set during the battle at Gettysburg, “A Rebel in My House” tells the story of a woman swept up in an event that changed the course of a war. If you’ve never thought about the how the war and the battles impacted civilian lives, this story will open your eyes. Full of rich details of the time period, Sandra Merville Hart also explores the differences between North and South in a realistic, not stereotypical way. Amid those details, she weaves a story of love and trust. Well worth reading.


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