All She Left Behind

27 Sep

All She Left BehindAll She Left Behind by Jane Kirkpatrick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nobody writes gritty and determined characters – based on real-life people – as well as Jane Kirkpatrick. This one held me from the opening sentences.

Jennie Pickett married young, thus ending her dreams of becoming a doctor. Being a wife and mother was a full-time job, but add in an unreliable husband, and she had her hands full. When she suddenly finds herself on her own, she takes a position as a live-in nurse. One thing leads to another – never easily or smoothly – until her dreams come true … at a cost.

As always, Jane will pull you through a gamut of emotions. Jennie’s life is a carousel of highs and lows. There is no “perfect ending,” this is real life, lived hard, and dedication to cause. It’s not neat and tidy, but it’s inspiring.


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