Life is Precious – Start There

My heart breaks for the families who have once again lost loved ones to violence. And it’s angered by those who once again maneuver to gain political points on the backs of those who sorrow.   We need answers as to why these horrific events not only keep happening but are on the increase. YetContinue reading “Life is Precious – Start There”

Exciting Times!

I don’t tend to post a lot about me on this blog – and perhaps I should – but today I need to whoop-n-holler a little bit. It’s been an exciting year so far. Back in February, I decided to enter the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Carol Awards. I had three books release lastContinue reading “Exciting Times!”

The Care and Feeding of Book Reviewers

What do authors crave? Book reviews. Most especially, five-star book reviews, but in reality, any book review is a good one. Why? Because it’s book reviews – pure numbers – that boost a book’s visibility on sites such as Amazon, Christian Book, and Goodreads. People looking for books see what the search engines tell themContinue reading “The Care and Feeding of Book Reviewers”