Two Buckets


Back in the day, I was able to mentally juggle four to six important thought threads throughout the day. I knew what I needed to do, the steps I needed to take to complete each task, and how to integrate the steps into a seamless day that would end with all of my work done and dinner on the table. I didn’t even consciously coordinate it, the thoughts just sifted through my mind as I multitasked with a vengeance. Farm chores, work, house chores, writing, meal prep, and even special things like entertaining or spinning and knitting a project … they all got done.

Back in the day.

These days, it’s completely different. These days, I have two buckets in my mind for information. One is marked “Necessary for Survival” and the other is marked “Junk Mail.” If I don’t consciously make the connection that something needs to be remembered and stuffed in the “Necessary for Survival” bucket, then it slips into the “Junk Mail” bucket where it may never surface again.

I guess this is what my grandma meant when she said getting old wasn’t for sissies.

What’s really annoying is that this change didn’t happen gradually. One day I was clicking along on all six cylinders, the next I’d fallen off the cliff into my two-bucket system. Now I write lists, make notes, send myself emails, and post everything even remotely vital to Google Calendar. Anything that falls between “Necessary for Survival” and “Junk Mail” has to be recorded somewhere or I’ve lost it.

I find this all vastly annoying. Hense, this blog post to whine about it. But now I have something else that needs doing. I just wish I remembered what it was. *sigh*



Published by Pegg Thomas

Pegg Thomas lives on a hobby farm in Northern Michigan with Michael, her husband of *mumble* years. They raise sheep and chickens; keep a few barn cats, and Murphy the spoiled rotten dog. A life-long history geek, she writes “History with a Touch of Humor.” Pegg is published in the Barbour historical romance collections. Pegg also works as Publisher of Smitten Historical Romance, an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. When not working or writing, Pegg can be found in her barn, her garden, her kitchen, or sitting at her spinning wheel creating yarn to turn into her signature wool shawls. Pegg won the Romance Writers of America's Faith, Hope, & Love Award for 2019, was a finalist for the 2019 ACFW Editor of the Year, and a double finalist for the 2019 ACFW Carol Awards.

7 thoughts on “Two Buckets

  1. Oh boy, do I get it. It’s not just the thought threads, but the energy to follow them through. This morning I had a story idea surprise me, and while that’s cool and all, at the same time I’m thinking, “No! NO! I can’t process another thing.” I like Linda’s bucket number #3.

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  2. Pegg, I love this post! I can relate. My buckets are labeled “husband’s medical needs” and “other stuff.” There are so many times I can’t remember something during conversation, but it will wake me up at 2am or some other no longer relevant time.
    I’m glad we have technology to help but I still use post-it notes, just in case.

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  3. Oh Pegg, I can so relate to this! I am forever writing myself notes about something I want to remember or I will forget it. Years ago when I was driving (I don’t drive anymore due to health problems) I would even put a sticky note on the stirring wheel so I would not forget something I needed to take with me.
    Blessings, Tina

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