Honor Redeemed

25 Jul

Honor Redeemed (Keys of Promise #2)Honor Redeemed by Christine Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another enjoyable historical romance by Christine Johnson! This is book two of her “Keys of Promise” series. One doesn’t need to read “Love’s Rescue” to enjoy “Honor Redeemed,” but since the characters of the first book reappear in the second, it will give more depth to the reader’s enjoyment to read them in order.

Prosperity Jones has lost everything that tied her to Nantucket Island. In a daring move, she spends what little money she has to travel to Key West to find David Latham, her fiance she hasn’t seen in two years. When she arrives, she finds David – and his wife! Left to fend for herself amid kindly strangers, Prosperity takes a job as a laundress at the local hospital. There she meet Dr. Clayton Goodenow. Can the Dr. heal her broken heart? Or will circumstances push her back into the arms of her former fiance?

Well worth reading! Looking forward to the next installment in the “Keys of Promise” series. 🙂


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