18 Jul

Courageous (Valiant Hearts, #3)Courageous by Dina L. Sleiman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another exciting adventure from Dina Sleiman. This is book three of her “Valiant Hearts” series and I’m hoping we’ll see a book four. (Because we need to know what’s happening to Sadie next, right?) The first is “Dauntless.” The second is “Chivalrous.” All are 5-star quality books!

Set during the Crusades, Sleiman takes us to the Middle East during a very turbulent time in history. Sir Randel Penigree and Rosalind of Ispswich are in charge of a troop of children who sail on ships filled with crusaders. They are following the leading of Lady Sapphira, herself a child, who has had a vision from the Lord. Along the way, they’ll see battle, lose loved ones, mingle with Muslims, and find that doing the Lord’s work doesn’t always end the way they assumed it would.

Engaging characters, beautifully expressed historical setting, and enough action to keep readers turning the pages. There’s even a bit of a mystery, a who-done-it, in the middle of it all. Young adults will love it, but please, don’t overlook these books just because you happen to be an adult!


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