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Beauty in Battle

Beauty in Battle (Beauty in Flight #3)Beauty in Battle by Robin Patchen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Be sure to first┬áread “Beauty in Flight” and “Beauty in Hiding.”

Here’s the thrilling ending to the series! Harper’s secret is out and Jack is standing by her side, but Derrick is still lurking “out there” somewhere and there’s another someone from the past who could be even more deadly. You don’t want to miss this last installment of the “Beauty in Flight” series! Robin Patchen is the master of writing bad guys. It’ll keep you glued to your chair.


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Beauty in Hiding

Beauty in Hiding (Beauty in Flight #2)Beauty in Hiding by Robin Patchen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Beauty in Hiding” picks up right where “Beauty in Flight” left off. Harper and Jack are thrown together more, and Jack is suspicious and intrigued by the beauty and her confused grandfather. Tensions ramp up as Derrick’s life is threatened by his evil cohorts. The race is on to find his grandfather – and Harper – and make them pay. . .one way or another. This one will keep you up past your bedtime!


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Beauty in Flight

Beauty in FlightBeauty in Flight by Robin Patchen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Robin Patchen has brought out another book that kept me turning the pages! Harper isn’t someone I could identify with in any way other than Patchen’s magic in bringing such a character to life. A woman who has made so many truly terrible choices in her life, paid a heavy price, and is trying to pull herself together. But her past includes some very dangerous elements and at least one of those elements won’t let her go.


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Twisted Lies

Twisted Lies (Hidden Truth Series #2)Twisted Lies by Robin Patchen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here’s “the rest of the story” on Nate Boyle from book #1, Convenient Lies. (Which is good, because I really, really liked him in that book.) In true Patchen fashion, the story peels back its layers amid intrigue, sometimes gut-wrenching emotion, and danger. A great combination! Marisa Vega – the heroine – will grab your heart as she works to help others while burying herself. (You’ll have to read the book to understand.) I recommend reading Convenient Lies first for more insight into the character of Nate Boyle. Because you’ll want to know what this guy has already been through!


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Convenient Lies

Convenient Lies (Hidden truths Book 1)Convenient Lies by Robin Patchen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you like international intrigue with a strong romantic element, this is the book for you. It’s got danger, a handsome hero, a perplexing villain, a body count, and a heroine you’ll be cheering on throughout the book.

Reagan McAdams returns to her old home, and her old name. Fleeing Paris with her infant son, she arrives at her grandmother’s house only to learn that the dear woman passed away days ago. Her husband has lied to her, her grandmother has left her, and her high school boyfriend is trying to get too close to her. She knows the danger she’s in, she just doesn’t know how she’s going to get out of it, or if she will.


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Before the Apocalypse

Before the Apocalypse: A Young Adult Christian SuspenseBefore the Apocalypse: A Young Adult Christian Suspense by Taylor Jaxon

The only reason this book is classified as YA fiction, is because of the age of the main characters. But don’t kid yourself (pun intended), this book is also a great read for adults. Lots of suspense, a bit of romance, and a solid background of Biblical prophesy.

Sam is the high school football star. He’s dating the head cheerleader. If he can keep his grades up and get the football into the end zone, he’s got a great shot at a college scholarship. Everything is going his way … until the dreams start.

Jayden is the mousy girl who attends Christian school. She either knows that answers at youth group or asks the right questions to get them. Even she knows she’s not “cool.” But when Sam asks for her help getting answers to his dreams, she decides to lend a hand.

Hud lost his spot on the football team to Sam, and then his girl decided she liked Sam better too. His parents have no time for him. His friends are lame. But when he learns about a new religion and how it’s a family, a place to belong, he’s all in.

The times are changing and these three high school kids are in the thick of it. Buckle your seat belt and hang on for the ride!


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Tangled Webs

Tangled Webs (Men of Valor #3)Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The last in the “Men of Honor” trilogy, “Tangled Webs” is a nice wrap-up of the McGregors brothers series. Plenty of drama, tension, and personal struggles to keep the reader turning each page. A little bit predictable, but worth reading for the insight into the relationships and how hurting people react to the world around them. Some will rise above, and some will succumb to the pressures.

The youngest McGregor brother, Finn secludes himself in a cabin in the woods to rest, recuperate, and remove himself from his overbearing – if well meaning – family. The plan works well for the first two days, and then Finn has second thoughts about a month spent all alone. Until a shriek in the distance sends him charging through the forest in the night. What – who – he finds will change his life forever.

Dana Lewis hopes that her grandparents’ cabin will bring the peace she hasn’t been able to find since that day in New York City. Hurt both mentally and physically, she buries herself in the woods by the lake without even cell service. But that doesn’t stop the nightmares. And then one night a stranger comes crashing through her window.

While the books stand well alone, reading them in order adds more layers to this final story. See my review of book #2, “Thin Ice.”


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