Holly & Ivy – the History

Holly & Ivy, my #HistoricalRomance novella in A #BouquetOfBrides, takes place in 1890, in Washington State. It’s about a young woman who accompanies her impetuous younger sister on her trip across the country to be a Christmas mail-order bride and is helped by a gallant stranger. Like many people, I’m fascinated with the concept of mail-orderContinue reading “Holly & Ivy – the History”

The Pony Express – In the Beginning

RIDER COMING IN!!! By Mary Davis On April 3, 1860, two horseback riders raced across the West, one westbound from St. Joseph, Missouri and the other eastbound from Sacramento, California. And the PONY EXPRESS was born, filling a much-needed gap until the telegraph line could be completed. The telegraph was finished on October 24, 1861,Continue reading “The Pony Express – In the Beginning”