Cables and Ladders Baby Blanket

I needed a baby blanket for a gift, and I found this cute – machine washable – yarn at Walmart. I didn’t have a pattern handy, so I came up with this one. Materials Needed:2 skeins Premier Puzzle yarn (7oz—328 yds)Size 9 circular needlesl2p = slip 2 sts as if to purl with the workingContinue reading “Cables and Ladders Baby Blanket”

Snug-Fitting Fingerless Mitts

This pattern is for my author friends and others who spend too much time at the keyboard on cold winter days. These fingerless mitts have nothing between the fingers and are made to fit snuggly so that they don’t interfere with the keyboard or mouse. And with no fancy stitching … they knit up inContinue reading “Snug-Fitting Fingerless Mitts”


It’s been a long time since I created one of my original knitting patterns, but this past week, I wanted to knit a pair of gloves without full fingers. There are many patterns for fingerless mitts around the Internet, but I wanted partial fingers for added warmth. Michigan winters are COLD, but I like myContinue reading “Glovelets”

Mittens and Hat Knitting Patterns for Elementary Aged Children

**NOTE** This pattern was updated and revised in 2019 Hat Size 5 circular needle 16” Size 5 double-pointed needles Markers Cast on 88 sts. Mark beginning of round with a marker. Work in K2, P2 ribbing for 6 ½”. Decrease pattern: K9, K2tog, repeat around K 1 round K8, K2tog, repeat around K 1 roundContinue reading “Mittens and Hat Knitting Patterns for Elementary Aged Children”