In Sheep’s Clothing – the History & a Giveaway

For me, there is no reason to write historical romance if you don’t give serious attention to the history. I love history! It makes every story richer, deeper, and more colorful. When I was invited to write for A Bouquet of Brides collection, I was deep into learning about the antique spinning wheel I’d recentlyContinue reading “In Sheep’s Clothing – the History & a Giveaway”

January Book Release and Shawl Giveaway

I’m excited about my new book releasing in January. A Bouquet of Brides is already available for preorder. My story in the collection, In Sheep’s Clothing, combines my love of history and fiber arts. My heroine, Yarrow Fenn, is both a spinner and a weaver. She labors diligently to keep her family clothed after King William III signsContinue reading “January Book Release and Shawl Giveaway”