Redeeming Grace

15 Feb

Redeeming Grace: Ruth's Story (Daughters of the Promised Land, #3)Redeeming Grace: Ruth’s Story by Jill Eileen Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another wonderful Biblical fiction story from Jill Eileen Smith, quite possibly her best yet. I love how she paints the Biblical settings with everything from what the landscape would look like to what the people would eat and wear. She does a wonderful job bringing these settings to life.

Redeeming Grace is a Biblical story anyone who grew up in the church will know. Naomi’s husband moved her and her sons to Moab to avoid a lengthy drought. Ruth is a Moabitess who married Naomi’s son. Naomi’s husband dies in Moab, and then years later, both her sons die there. She decides to return to her home in Bethlehem. Ruth travels with her, accepting the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as her own God. Once in Bethlehem, Ruth meets Boaz. And the rest … as they say … is history. 😉

The expansion of this true story into a compelling book, along with Jill Smith’s excellent historical detailing, makes it a must-read for anyone who enjoys Biblical fiction. If you haven’t read any Biblical fiction because you think it’ll be boring, pick up a copy of this one. It might just change your mind!


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