A Heart Most Certain

11 Aug

A Heart Most Certain (Teaville Moral Society #1)A Heart Most Certain by Melissa Jagears
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An unabashedly Christian story that isn’t preachy, unrealistic, or predictable. The characters are flawed, not perfect, and not every loose end winds up in a tidy bow. Well done, Melissa Jagears!

Lydia King comes from what we’d call today a “dysfunctional” family on the wrong side of the tracks. Nicholas Lowe has money to burn, but is well-known for not parting with a penny. When Lydia’s potential mother-in-law charges her with getting a donation to the church’s Moral Society from Mr. Lowe, and intimates that an engagement might hang on her success, Lydia sucks up the courage to face the lion in his den. Nothing goes as she’s planned. Instead of squeezing money from the town’s miser, she finds herself knee-deep in his plans to help people Lydia would never speak to, people she’d never think of offering to help. Nicholas changes how she looks at the poor. But will it help her make a good marriage and be able to care for her ailing mother?

Some adult themes in here, although very delicately handled, makes this a good story for older teens on up. Well worth reading!


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