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The Blacksmith Brides

Pegg’s story – Worth Fighting For – is set during the beginnings of the Revolutionary War in Philadelphia, PA. Alexander Ogilvie is the third son in a family of blacksmiths. His ambition lies in moving west and helping to settle the Kentucky wilderness. Meg McCracken’s brothers – and her father – are gearing up for the war with England. She searches for a blacksmith to make their soldier kits. She doesn’t expect to find a handsome man with dusty-gold hair and an engaging smile. A man far below her station in life. Alexander can’t stop thinking about the fiery-haired beauty who’d entered the family’s smithy, but she comes from a fine family who will hire him but never entertain him. He’s convinced that the coming war won’t change that. His only chance to rise above his circumstances lies across the mountains, and he’s determined to go. But others – including some in his own family – see his goal as an act of cowardice. Alexander and Meg’s paths cross again several times, and in the end, they both have a choice to make.

The Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides Collection 

Pegg’s story, Anna’s Tower, is set on Thunder Bay Island in Lake Huron, not far from where she lives. Anna is an independently-minded young woman who has set her heart on being the next lighthouse keeper at Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse when her uncle retires. Maksim Ivanov is a shipwrecked Russian immigrant who is trying to make his way in a new land with a language he barely understands. The kind people at the lighthouse offer him lodging until he can figure out what to do. Maksim soon learns the running of the lighthouse but also earns the ire of the keeper’s pretty niece. Anna might be attracted to the dark stranger with the funny accent, but she’s not about to let him steal away her dreams.

The Backcountry Brides Collection Pegg’s story in this collection was an ACFW Carol Award finalist for 2019!

Pegg’s story, Her Redcoat, is set in Michigan at Fort Michilimackinac in 1763 during Pontiac’s Rebellion. Laurette Pettigrew is the daughter of a fur trader near the fort. Henry Bedlow is a soldier in the British army which has taken control there. Laurette knows her father and her Ojibwe friends would disapprove, but when she meets Henry in the woods outside the fort, he’s not the cruel soldier she’s been led to believe that the British all are. She’s a lonely young woman living between two cultures, and he’s a young man adrift in his own. Can they build a firm foundation on such unstable ground?

The Bouquet of Brides Collection Pegg’s story in this collection was the winner of the Romance Writers of America, Faith, Hope, & Love Chapter, Readers Choice Award AND an ACFW Carol Award finalist for 2019!

A Bouquet of Brides Collection

Pegg’s story, In Sheep’s Clothing, is set in Colonial Connecticut. Yarrow Fenn is a spinner and weaver who creates clothing for her married sisters’ families while dreaming of her own. Peter Maltby is the handsome and rather mysterious journeyman fuller who comes to work in the new fulling mill. Is he the answer to Yarrow’s dreams? Or is he an agent of the crown determined to find out her misdeeds?

The Pony Express Romance Collection


Pegg’s debut story, Embattled Hearts is set in Wyoming Territory toward the end of the pony express. Alannah Fagan grew up learning how to take care of herself in the Kentucky wilderness. But when her mother’s death leaves her with a brutal stepfather, her only hope is escape. Together with Conn, her younger brother, she flees their westbound wagon train with no plan other than to survive. Stewart McCann is the middle son of a northern Virginia family with seven brothers. He moved west because he refused to take sides in the Civil War. But when a battered young woman and her brother take refuge at his Pony Express station, he finds himself in the middle of another type of battle. A battle for his heart.

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